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Ever since I was I can remember, I wanted financial freedom.  As I grew older I learned that I was not the only one and so my journey began learning what I can about becoming financial free so I can teach others.  Coming from an accounting background and earning a law degree with an emphasis in tax law, I have achieved a good foundation.  My interest in everything tax related lead me to preparing tax returns for wealthy clients to helping all types of clients dealing with the IRS and various States.  Further as a CFP(r) practitioner, I am able to help individuals and businesses plan and achieve their goals and ultimately financial freedom.  

Vision: For society to be financially literate as a whole and individuals to be financially free.

Mission: Provide the tools, guidance, and education for the clients to be self-sufficient and for the client to pass that knowledge down to their children thereby creating a more financial literate society.  It’s ok that you are not where you want to be; make some goals, create a plan, and execute

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